Democracy in Ancient Greece
Democracy was the beginning of ancient greek's thinking. Back then society was led by tyrants, now lets get to know the idea that gave birth to modern democracy.

The first city states were called ''polis'' and they existed in what today is Greece in the year 1000 B.C. After long fights Greece was divided into three states; they were Sparta, Attica, and Arcadia. Sparta had a lower cultural status but was strong and powerful in military sense, the other two were more focused on culture. Arcadia and Attica could never stop Sparta from winning battles, but after many fights the citizens of Attica were luckily enough to survive and later on they founded the institution named democracy. In greek language democracy means the rule of the people. To end some problems democracy was first introduced in Athens, located in the state of Attica. At that time, only adult men could vote in the assembly, after completing the military training. This excluded the other people who were slaves, women, children and foreigners. Anyway a majority of the population took part in the government formation.

There were three main political structures, they were the assembly, the court, and the council. Both the council and the court held the main source of power. The assembly's meeting was an important event in Greek democracy, any adult male citizen could take part in the assembly and it was mandatory to do it. Later the trials and legislation were moved to the courts. To be able to vote, you had to physically attend the meeting.

In 355 B.C., political trials were made in courts and not the assemblies, the court could accept or reject the decisions made by the assembly. Although it was not a perfect democracy there's not many difference from ancient greek democracy and modern day democracy.
Today, our country's government practices democracy. It is still pretty much the same thing as in ancient greece, instead of having polis we have departments, and the residents choose the people who will represent them in the assembly. Our government is divided into three branches.parthenon1.gif photo taken from,r:0,s:0&tx=135&ty=71