Greetings and welcome to WH1 Maya wiki for 10th grade. This page will tell you how to do an entry and edit it. This will help you out to work in class and/or at your house.

The most important thing to get started is to have an account for wikispaces. If you do not, hurry and sign in, it's completely free. Once you have an account follow the indications on the home page of this wiki.

1. Once you have your account is quite easy.First you need to go to the 'manage wiki' tab on the right hand side of the screen. manage.jpgShown with a blue arrow.

2. Then go to "New Page" and add the name of your entry. This will be the name of the topic you chose in class and wrote down on the list.

3. Once there click on "pages" icon.

4. Once in that page click on "New Page"