Hades the god of the underworld
Cronus and Rhea are the parents of the famous God Hades with his two brothers Poseidon and Zeus were devoured by his father as soon they were born, Zeus make that the Titan vomit them so the four brothers drove the Titans Gods out of heaven and they locked them in the pit of Tartaros. Since they were all saved they drew lots for knowing who will stay with which part of the cosmos, Hades received the Underworld in the other hand his brothers Poseidon received the dominion of the sea and Zeus the dominion of the sky. Hades wasn’t so happy of receiving the Underworld since was dark dismal realm. Hades also have sisters name Hestia, Hera, and Demeter. Hades as an evil god had children which names express evilness; the Ernives means Furies, Zagreus means Dionysus, and Makaria means goddess of blessed death. Hades as the lord of the Underworld, his is the enemy of all life and gods.

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They described Hades as a bearded man with a cold and dark expression in his face. Hades wears a helmet of invisibility that the Cyclopes gave to him and a chariot. He appears to hold in one hand a bird-tipped scepter and in the other hand the key of the underworld. It is said that once anyone entered his kingdom there is no turning back. For these reason Hades is perceived as a strict God but really Hades is not a evil God as it seems he just do his work. Still he was ruthless with the ones that violated his rules or displeased him. It is said that “He turned a deaf ear to prayers or praise. “

Hades House

Hades who lives in the underworld where the sunlight never shines, the climate never varies is either cold or chilling. There are five subterranean rivers that flow through the Underworld. Their names are the following; Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe, Plegethon and the most famous Styx, in these river Phlegyas guards he is in charge to pass the souls from one side to another of the river here Cerberus is the multi- headed dog who guards in the gates of the Underword ,their he prevents that any shade that has crossed the river Styx to escape. The shades or dead people should cross the five rivers for them to be judge and to decide were be their final resting place.
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The underworld has two or more regions, is divided in Erebus the upper region and Tarturs the lowest region were the Titans are kept prisoners. Most of the dead mortals will find their resting place in Plain of Asphodel, located in Erebus region here the mortals have no memories of their past lives, the shades that were in their will experience neither joy nor sorrow it was neutral. The mortals that were bad in their past lives were sent to Tartarus were they are punishes for the bad things they committed.

“Hades love story”
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Hades had watched her for many months before he stole Persephone away from her mother, Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. He was in love of her and he knew that Demeter wouldn’t like the idea of him with her beautiful daughter, Persephone. So Hades decide to stole her , so that was what he did. Hades looking at Persephone admiring her beautiful face tells her that he loves her and that she has all the jewels she whish since she was the queen. Persephone at first didn’t accept it she cried and told him she will never speak to him again and that was what she did. Hades knew that if Persephone didn’t eat food from the dead she could go with any problem but if she did she will be with him forever, so he tricks her and makes her eat the food. Demeter was heartbroken. The earth had grown cold, and plants would not grow.Zeus calls a meeting with Demeter and Hades a deal was made to let Persephone join her mother half the year. Hades again alone felt dead she just wish to one day to make her the happiest woman in the entire world his wife, his queen. The owner of the all the finest jewels, the finest silk etc. and when Persephone came back she hug her husband.

Hades was the god of the underworld, bad with those who disobey him but under the influence of Persephone, Hades character is merciless he went in a drastic change. He came to be known as “the best tower of the riches”