1990.05.0243.jpegHeracles, or known as the roman Hercules, is the greatest mythological hero known . Son of Zeus, king of the Olympian Gods, and Alcamene, granddaughter of the great hero Perseus and the beautiful Andromeda. Heracles has the blood of many important characters from the Greek mythology, it is obvious for him to be great in his adventures. Heracles glory became transcendent to the history, which even great emperors of Rome tried to compare themselves with the great Heracles. Heracles has an inhuman strength, great courage, renown ingenuity, and handsome to women. Heracles was not often clever, but it is known to be the one to use his intelligence in occasions when his strength were not enough. Many artistic representations of Heracles picture him as a muscular man with his Nemea lion skin and club. As well, Heracles had the habit to play with children to rest from his famous twelve labors. Emotionally, Heracles was really loyal to those he loved the most. Heracles defended his friends from any threat or deal. On the other hand, Heracles made suffer any one who he had his feelings against to. Heracles did not allowed any enemy of his to go away without being properly punished by his club.The most popular adventures of Heracles are The Twelve Labors, but their are many more stories that make Heracles really famous and some cross overs with other important characters.
The Twelve Labors of Heracles.
Heracles' father, Zeus, was known to have many sexually encounters with men and women, from which many demi-gods were born from. Heracles born from her mother after her encounter with Zeus. Zeus wife, Hera, did not like her husband having affairs and neither she like the babies born from them. When Heracles was born, Hera sent two snakes to kill baby Heracles in his crib. Heracles, after seeing the two deadly snakes crawling over him, he strangle them in both snakes with each hand. Hera decided to let it be, and move on (at least she wanted to). Heracles grew to become a man, one with more strength than ten men combined. Heracles married and had children. Hera could not see a happy Heracles, and with fury she turned him mad. This change in Heracles made him kill all his family. All Gods, but Athena, turn their backs to Heracles. Heracles was condem to serve to king Euristeo. Heracles headed to his famous adventures, The Twelve Labors of Heracles.
  1. 220px-Antonio_del_Pollaiolo_-_Ercole_e_l'Idra_e_Ercole_e_Anteo_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgThe Nemea Lion: Heracles headed to kill a lion in the Nemea valley. This was no ordinary lion. No weapon cut through its skin. Heracles strangle the lion, the only way to kill it. After that he wore the lion skin to protect himself from h
  2. is enemys spears. Hera was happy with the lions fight, that he honored it in the sky, so Heracles would never forget it. Leo zodiac origin.
  3. Hydra: King Euristeo sent the hero to kill the sea serpent, Hydra, which scared the nearby people with its nine heads. When a head w
    as cut off from hydra, a two new heads grew out of it. Heracles burned each of the Hydra
    s head, stopping the outgrowth. He buried the last one, because it was the invincible. Hera also honored the creature putting a crab on the sky, which it had been sent to injure the heros ankle.
  4. Dianas deer: Heracles next labor was to hunt down a golden horn deer whom resulted really special for Diana, the Goddess of hunting. It took Heracles for him to track down the deer and kill him in a winter day.
  5. The wild boar: Heracles knew his next task was to taking the horrifying boar that king Euristeo fear a lot. Heracles had a great reward for his fourth labor.
  6. The man eating birds: the fifth labor made Heracles to kill a group of birds that ate men. Heracles went to Lake Estinfalo, where the birds flew over, and hunt them with arrows. Heracles threw hidden in the surrounding woods, arrows with Hydra head poison. This deadly poison killed them from a single scratch.
  7. Dirty ox: king Augias, from Elida, ordered what looked like a impossible task. He ordered Heracles to clean stables from three thousand ox, which last time they were clean was thirty years ago. What made it challenging was to do it in a single day. Heracles changed the course of Alfeo River to throw all the wastes from the ox. By dusk, his labor was over.
  8. Minas bull: King Minas bull, received from the sea God Poseidon, turned mad and ran all over the country, causing danger in many places. King of Crete disaster became Heracles seventh task.
  9. Evil King Diomedes: Heracles eight task was to kill king Diomedes. This king fed his horses with meat from human flesh. To end this cruel act, Heracles was ordered to kill the king.
  10. Land of the Amazons: Heracles was sent to ask from the queen of Amazons the jeweled belt. Heracles traveled to the land where only warrior women live. Hera told queen of Amazons, Hyppolyte, that Heracles really wanted to kidnappe her. Unfortunately, Heracles was forced to fight his way to retrieve his goal.
10.The Spaniard ox: King Euristeo wanted the ox that lived in Spain, own by Gerion. Apollo, god of light, helps Heracles. He gave a golden cup to Heracles, which grew to the size of a small sail. Heracles used it to travel all the way to Spain, where he took a route through Africa. He pulled the Iberian Peninsula with the African continent as a bridge for him to cross. Here he left the famous Hercules Pillars. Heracles retrieved the ox and returned home.
11.Atlas: Heracles was sent to look for the golden apples that only Atlas, the titan who carry the skies on his shoulder, knew where they are. Heracles offered to carry the skies for a moment, so Atlas could go for them. Atlas returned with the golden apples, but because he had never had a break, he told Heracles he was doing an excellent job carrying the sky. Heracles told Atlas to please show him how to carry it better. Atlas took Heracles position, and Heracles took the apples and ran as fast as he could. Atlas was fooled.
12.Cerberus: Heracles last labor was to go to the underworld and bring Cerberus to the surface. Cerberus is Hades pet, a three headed dog that guard the underworld. Heracles successfully returned to the surface with the dog, that wouldnt like the sunlight. King Euristeo was amazed about Heracles work, his last order was to take back Cerberus to Hades, king of the Underworld, and never come back to the country.
Heracles, after finishing his labors, was immortalized by his father, Zeus. Heracles became an Olympian God, and many times member of the Twelve Olympian Gods. He marry Hera’s daughter, Hebe. Hera, finally forgive Heracles.