Persian Wars

The Persian wars was a conflict between the early Persian empire and the Greeks. This war lasted approximately 150 years which began when the great emperor Cyus conquered Iona and Thermopylae. When the Persians started to attack Greece, all the different Greek groups like Athens and Sparta began to join themselves and started to think like one whole greek nation. The persians had a good combat strategy which was a general commanding three sets of troops:

  • the archers armed with a bow and a spear.

external image Alexander_003.jpg
  • the persian infanty that had large shields and long spears.

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  • the persian cavarly which had light armor, swords and spears.

    external image ita6036.jpg

On the other hand the Greeks had different military strategies and techniques which helped them dominate the Persian troops. The Greek warfare lines where basicly made of one but very efficient and effective battle troop.

  • The first and central line called the hoplite was a heavy infantry that had huge shield and a very long spear; basicly their strategy was to make a stronghold line with the shields creation some kind of shield wall. Afterwards they would maintain the formation line and with their long spear they would attack and penetrate the enemies form above the shields.

    external image spartan%20warriors%20in%20battle.jpgThe greeks used the spartan warfare tactic which was called the Phalanx, which was a triangular attack that penetrated the enemy lines in all frontal directions. While doing this the troops made a shield wall and began to push and infiltrate forwards.

    external image Battle_of_Marathon_Greek_Double_Envelopment.png

The battle of Thermopylae was a turning point were the greek fought against the persians. The greeks where greatly out numbered but will there great tactics they were winning against the persians but the persians found a way or weak spot that permited them to win this battle. This battle was a turning point because the Athens and Spartan united because of there loss. This alliance helped them win persia.