Hera,was a powerful queen in her own right, long before her marriage to Zeus. The goddess Hera ruled over the heavens and the earth, responsible for every aspect of existence, including the seasons and the weather. Her name translates as the "Great Lady".

(Our word galaxy comes from the Greek word gala meaning "mother's milk" . . . legend has it that the Milky Way was formed from the milk spurting from the breasts of the Greek goddess Hera, Queen of Heaven. Where drops fell to earth, fields of lilies sprung forth.)

Hera was also worshiped as the Roman Goddess Juno(June was named after her)

The goddess Hera blessed and protected a woman's marriage, bringing her fertility, protecting her children, and helping her find financial security. Hera was, in short, a complete woman, overseeing both private and public affairs. Hera's uncommon beauty that attracted the attention of her future husband, the lusty Zeus, who tricked Hera into taking him to her breast by changing himself into a small, frightened and wounded bird that elicited her pity. Once cradled in Hera's bosom, Zeus changed back into his manly form and tried to take her . . . but she resisted his advances, putting him off until he promised to marry her. The delay only increased his desire for Hera and, once married, they had the longest honeymoon on record, lasting over 300 years!

Hera cared for her beauty carefully. She went to bathe every year in the spring Canathus as Nauplia and renewed her virginity in the mystical waters. She was known as the "white armed goddess" and was irresistible when she fragranced her body with a lotion so sweet that it filled the whole universe with its fragrance. Hera is queen of Olympus, sister and wife of Zeus, daughter of Cronis and Rhea, and mother of Ares, Hebe, Hephaestus, and Eileitha. As the eldest daughter of Cronus and Reah, Zeus was deemed to give her respect. Hera was associated with Zeus's sovereignty and became the chief feminine deity of Olympus. She sat on a golden thrown beside her husband and when she entered the congregation of all the gods, they all rose in reverence to her. On Olympus. Her marriage to Zeus had been the occasion of great rejoicing.

In her role as the first lady of Olympus, she has an extremely difficult temper as she is always angered by Zeus's infidelities. She had always been filled with hatred and jealousy of her mate's children by others as well as her husband's infidelities. Zeus was not a faithful spouse and his many infidelities kept Hera in a constant rage. She often sought revenge with the bastard children if she could not hurt the woman first hand. Hera, protecting the deity of the wives, she is often angry with Zeus because she regards his infidelities as insults. Shortly after they had been married, she left Olympus on protest and returned to the isle of Euoba. Zeus had to coax her back by carrying around a statue throughout Greece spreading the message that there was a new fiancee to the master of the gods. In a fit of jealousy, she seized the chariot and discovered the trick her husband had played on her. She returned somewhat despondent to Olympus.

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