Laguna Cuzcachapa (also Cuscachapa) is a water mirror located at 0.8 km. east of the city of Chalchuapa. It's the reminicent of an extint volcano whose magmatic body collapsed, the lagoon is the remaining crater filled with water.

It's approximately size if 360 m. (North-South) and 250 m. (East-West). This is among the eldest archaeological sites in El Salvador and in the Chalchuapa Archaeological Zone. This is because the ancient Paleoindias took advantage of the water for supplying their needs.


Laguna Cuzcachapa together with El Trapiche archaeological site are the two earliest settlements in the Chalchuapa Archaeological Zone for the Preclassic Period. It's northern shore has proven to be the earliest settlement on the site.

Laguna Cuzcachapa