Greece architecture: “Zeus Statue”
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world was built by the Greeks around 457 BC, The Statue of Zeus. The statue was built in the ancient town of Olympia, on the west coast of modern Greece.

History of the Statue of Zeus

A huge and spectacular temple was built to honor the god Zeus, when the first Olympic Games occurred around the year 776 BC and a statue of the king of gods was built inside the temple. In 391 AD the temple of Zeus w as closed because the Olympic Games were banned; it was eventually destroyed by fire in 462 AD.The statue of the Zeus at Olympia and its history has been from 2500 years ago, a great source of inspiration for artists of all times and it is still now one of the most famous works of art of the history.

Description of the Statue of Zeus

The image of the statue of Zeus was perfectly designed with many details. Zeus statue sat on a throne with an olive wreath on his head, like used over the times, a scepter, which had an eagle sitting on it, the scepter was in his left hand and his messenger in his right hand. The statue was designed and made with wood but then covered with ivory and sheets of gold. The face was made of ivory but the hair, beard, sandals, robe and scepter were made of gold. The architecture and the designers of the statue had big and beautiful ideas on the details of the statue. As described they say that the legs of the throne were decorated with sphinxes and winger figures of victory. Not only the details were impressive, but the height and the texture, and actually everything that made up the statue, gave it a special sense. It was 13 meters (40 feet).

It is one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World that was listed by Herodotus in his famous list. Know some parts of the statue remain in museums all over the world, and one of the museums that has many parts of it is the British Museum on England.

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Camila Natalie Ramirez Del Cid 10th Grade A
Mr. Diego Gonzales - World History